Hello! You've reached the website for information on
singing Sacred Harp and other shape note music in Tyneside.
Everyone is welcome to all of these free events. No experience is necessary!
Come when you can, and go when you need to.
Gateshead,second Sunday of the month 2014 Newcastle upon Tyne, every Tuesday of the month
3 Barrington Place
8 pm
The Bridge Hotel, upstairs
Castle Garth
7:30 pm
Thank you very much to everyone who made the All Day singing such a wonderful and full time!
Please visit the uk shape note website to find out when and where more singings are.

Leading up to the UK convention in September, there are sings and/or singing schools listed for Lewes, Norwich, Gwehelog, Warwick, Sidmouth, Glasgow, Whitby, Towersey, and Oxford.

Then, there is the UK Sacred Harp Convention... September 20th and 21st (likely some socializing/singing on the 19th, too), you are invited to two plus days of singing, food and community near Sheffield in Stannington. Not to be missed, if at all possible.

Following nearly directly on from that, you could attend Camp Fasola Europe, in Poland. From Monday the 22nd until Friday the 26th, five days of immersion learning and again, food and community, to allow folks to dig a bit deeper into things.

And, to round things out to a magical ten day stretch, the Third Poland Sacred Harp convention will be held on the 27th and 28th of September.
Ponder, and go if possible, to any and all of these things.
You are warmly invited to the next
Fifth Sunday Alternate Sources Sing
from 2 to 8 pm on Sunday the 31st of August
This will be held at the home of Benny and Lin.
We will be singing from sources other than the 1991 Denson edition
There is music to borrow. Feel free to bring a potluck dish if you can!
Please get in touch for the location or directions.

Please contact us by email or on 07732 405 268 for more information about any of these events.

a couple of links (they open in new windows):

fasola.org - the main website for Sacred Harp

ukshapenote.org.uk - the calendar page of the UK shape note website